By Natalie Paterson
Photos by Andrew Hartl

I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto stop of Bryan AdamsReckless tour on Saturday February 28th. The tour was in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the album’s initial release in 1984, when the tour initially ran.

Bryan Adams

I was surprised to see that there were crowd members who had been lucky enough to see the tour for the first time 30 years ago, and were in attendance Saturday evening as well. There was an incredible amount of energy running through the crowd, and there was always someone standing somewhere.

“I’m sorry we’ve taken you from the hockey game tonight, but the good news is we’ve got two hours of music for you until we find out the final score.” As some of the first words to leave his mouth, this really set the tone for the entire concert.

Bryan Adams

There were a number of crowd sing-alongs that included some of his bigger hits like ‘Heaven’ and ‘Summer of 69’. The show also included some tracks that were never included on the original release, due to space restrictions on vinyl at the time. These included the title track ‘Reckless,’ and brought an even greater amount of energy to ‘Boys’ Night Out’.

Adams’ touring band was incredible as well. Lead guitarist, Keith Scott, was the same guitarist on the original Reckless album, and his skill is awe inspiring. I believe there was a standing ovation at the end of the show just for Scott alone, it was entirely deserved. The show was an amazing experience to see, and it was an absolutely worthwhile experience. If I only get to see one rock concert this year, I’m glad it was his.

Bryan Adams

The re-released album is available on iTunes now, including the deluxe edition, which features the 7 tracks that never made it onto the original release